Red Meat a no-no for me!

When i ate my last revolting aeroplane meal, i vowed to become vegetarian again (i was veggie for 13 years then suddenly started eating meat again around Christmas time)

However as i am having treatment (nothing serious) i was advised not to change my current eating habits, (generally healthy and mostly organic anyway) and also not to do any excessive exercise. So i kind of thought i wouldn’t avoid red meat again *just* yet. Plus the avoiding excessive exercise regime for me is impossible. For those who don’t know, i cannot do *light exercise* its either all or nothing for me. This time last year i was running 9km every 2 days. Now i am doing zero, nada zilch. So as you can imagine making me feel abit frustrated.  Hence i keep doing little mini -detox’s to keep my body *feeling* nice. So my point is. Today we went out for lunch (a dinner lunch) Still eating red meat, i ordered Lamb shank,  for some very very very blonde reason i thought it was a stew where all the lamb was flaky and mingled in the gravy….i was mortified to discover that i had a lambs leg on my plate!!! I was almost physically sick at the sight of it. I couldn’t touch it. Knowing what it was, all i kept thinking about was the little lamb in the field! So that, is the start of my NO MORE RED MEAT habit. Again.

I have vowed to take all the current nutrition supplements and eat more protein and iron rich foods…. And think tomorrow i will do a little 24 hour raw food detox day…. to compensate the toxic feeling i have….