Hair Doctor / Trichologist

Sparklefairy was excited to hear about a Hair Doctor in town, in matter of fact the only Trichologist in the Middle East. And he is now based in Dubai.

After many years of being involved with the hairdressing industry and heading up the national educational departments for both Wella UK and L’Oreal Paris and working closely with their product research and development programmes. Michael went on to a very successful career with Philip Kingsley (London), where he was introduced to the specialism that is Trichology. He went on to  qualify as a Trichologist with  the Institute of Trichologists (London) and  is a member of the International Association of Trichologists As practising Trichologist for the last 16 years, he has also studied extensively the psychological effects of hair loss and is currently completing a PhD in Behavioural  Psychology.  This specific training has proved  instrumental in his abilities to relate to the concerns and fears of his patients.  Michael has treated many celebrities in the UK such as TV actors, super models and Premier League football stars. He regularly writes articles for news papers and health journals and has appeared as an expert panellist on both TV and radio. Michael is now considered an expert in the field of Trichology around the world.

Please contact Dr Mike Ryan MSc psy, AIT, IAT for all your hair loss problems including hair conditions.

Dr Mike Ryan MSc psy, AIT, IAT  can be contacted at and found on facebook and twitter