Fairy Realms – DIY

Creating a Fairy Realm / Garden

It is believed that the Fairies usually emerge and play from dusk till dawn, when all is quiet – here is a list of things you can include in your Fairy Garden that will attract and delight them:

  • Wind Chimes – Fairies love to hear the tinkling of chimes and bells, anything that chimes and is gentle music is appealing for fairies and if you listen hard enough, you may hear them brush past them! They love to dance!
  • A Pathway – Give the fairies a winding pathway to follow through their garden to help them find their way – this makes things much easier for the fairies, you can use stones or gravel to make a little path.
  • Water – You can make them a “pond” or fairy pool, by using any shallow receptacle filled with water. But not so deep! This will also attract water fairies.
  • A Fairy Door – It is said that Fairies will take up residence wherever they see a fairy door. You can buy or make a small door and attach it to a wall or tree stump in your garden, making a fairy door doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be a lot of fun.
  • Glitter – Pretty , sparkles, and shiny objects attract Fairies – see what you can find to suit their sparkling taste!
  • Crystals – A crystal such as Rose Quartz, which attracts love into the home, can be placed in their garden to do the same for the fairies.
  • Shelter – Fairies need shelter from the wind and rain too … this can be anything from a stone toadstool to an up-turned flower pot with a door cut in it. You can use a flat stone for “seating”! Lots of ways to make shelters, using twigs and leaves and earthy materials.
  • Plants - You must, of course, have some plants! Try to keep them small, and even having a fragrant herb, too, such as a miniature lavender will delight the fairies’ keen sense of smell.
  • Fairy Friends – Fairies love to explore and play – small weatherproof ornaments of frogs, birds or any forest animal will charm them – let your imagination run away with you!

Additional tips & tricks: Fairies love friends, butterflies especially so by adding a small flower garden, or shrub will delight fairies as more butterflies will pass by. Fairies love to feel secure, and protected, so make sure the doorways are easy accessible so that fairies can disappear quickly from praying human eyes. Create mushroom rings, but be careful not to cross the boundary border yourself! ….